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Michael Angus, Murray Fredericks (Australien) - English, 28 min

Saturday, 12. Nov. 2011 from 15:00 Kammermusiksaal       

Every year photographer Murray Fredericks ventures to the desolate salt flat of Lake Eyre in remote South Australia. His journey isn’t a quest for adventure or spiritual transcendence—this is clear whenever he casually picks up his satellite phone to chat with his family back home. Rather, he sets out to see—to really see—what happens in a place that might literally be the middle of nowhere. Between long-distance quarrels with his wife and hours of sheer boredom, Fredericks compiles a catalogue of stunning time-lapse and still photography and finds that, in the midst of nothingness, there is everything.


Nomination 2011

Kamera Alpin in Gold 2011

An extraordinary film in an extraordinary landscape. A deeply unhappy man is seeking a solution in the alien environment of a salt lake. The result is an outstanding symphony of images derived from nature.