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Alpine and foreign cultures
„Über den Inseln Afrikas – São Tomé und Príncipe“

Christian Schidlowski (Deutschland) - German, 43 min

Saturday, 12. Nov. 2011 from 09:00 Stefaniensaal       

Together with the photographer Rui Camilo we travel to the West African island São Tomé and Príncipe – looking for pictures which are able to capture the soul of this tiny land. For Rui a dream of his childhood in Lisbon comes true, when his teachers reported enthusiastically about the cacao plantations in this Portuguese colony. Today, the Italian Claudio Corallo experiences the almost forgotten cacao plants on São Tomé, and with great passion he tries to produce the best chocolate in the world. During the photo sessions in the plantations and in the places of production, Rui experiences the full taste of these delicious nature products. Between the photo courses for young inhabitants on the island, Rui travels to deserted palm beaches with recently hatched ocean turtles and almost untouched jungles. However, what he loves most of all are the humans in front of his camera. “They don’t try to represent something. They just stand there with a natural elegance, which can hardly be found in Europe”.