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„Raki am Arapi - Entdeckungstouren in den Albanischen Alpen“

Raki am Arapi - Entdeckungstouren in den Albanischen Alpen

Hugo Scholz (Deutschland) - German, 27 min

Wednesday, 09. Nov. 2011 from 19:30 Schubertkino-Saal 2       

The film team accompanies a group of German climbers on an exploration journey to the “enchanted mountains”, as the locals call the north-Albanian part of the Dinarides. The hiking tours in the national parks of Thethi and Valbona, which - with their grey rock walls and their green valleys recall the northern Limestone Alps – leave some deep sustainable impressions, as well as the current life of the mountain dwellers. The film remains close to the subject, even when the climbers try the first ascent through the 1000 m high wall of the Arapi or when they explore an up until now unknown cave, deep in the karst mountain. Last but not least, the encounter with poisonous snakes and the visit to a realm of rare orchids, lilies and healing plants give you more than an idea about the Albanian Land.