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Wednesday, 11/10/2004
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Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends of the festival!

The now sixteenth edition of the International Mountain & Adventure Film Festival in the Styrian capital of Graz will once more present numerous worthy submissions about the rich world of nature and about big alpine adventures and the finiteness of existence in the true sense of the word. Everyone becomes very conscious of personal experiences and moments which have lead to the so-called “edge” or “limit” of the possible. In this year’s springtime, one of the best, as well as one of the most extreme mountaineers and climbers, the Frenchman Patrik Berhault, a friend, has fallen to his death. Many of you had the chance to meet him as he was the guest of honour at the Graz Festival two years ago, when he told us about his successful climbing adventures on the most difficult walls of the Alps and when our governer, Mrs. Waltraud Klasnic, awarded him the Styrian symbol for shelter and safety, the Styrian folklore jacket “Schladmingerjanker”, which he took back home. It was part of his character to cast aside all forms of security from time to time. He has given so much inspiration to all modern generations and he has been a pioneer of the free climbers’ scene. He cannot be replaced. However, the enthusiasm for nature and alpinism that is shared by many people will not stop. People will continue to look forward to and to face the numerous facets of this “rich” field of activities and interests. You, too, will find many possibilities to do so during the Graz Festival 2004!

I would like to express my special gratitude to all participants in the competition for the “Grand Prix Graz”, because they guarantee the high quality of this event. Moreover I would like to thank the manager of the festival, Mrs. Barbara Koren-Tauscher, and her team for their organisational work. Finally I would like to thank all the loyal sponsors and partners of this festival, which has already become an institution.

I look forward to seeing you again!

Your Robert Schauer

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