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Adventure “Falcon that flew with Man”

Adventure (English), Leo Dickinson (England) 58 min

Lloyd Buck has trained Eagles and Falcons for 20 years and his birds have appeared in a variety of wildlife programmes. Like many people over the centuries he has been fascinated by just how fast Peregrine Falcons can fly. Using state of the art micro accelerometers, parachutes, balloons and a backcloth of one of the biggest cliffs in the world, Lloyd decided to find out the answer to that age old question. Andy Montriou is a serial BASE jumper and together with Leo Dickinson they train the falcons to chase them whilst they step off a cliff in order to get unique footage of the world’s fastest creature. A Wildlife, Science and Adventure Film where Natural History meets Extreme Sports, in an all-out, vertigo-inducing experience that will put your heart in your mouth and have you gripping the sides of your seat.


Thursday, 11. Nov. 2004 from 19:30 im Stefaniensaal       

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